Meet Maple Boy

As I am sure you are wondering after viewing our website...who is that little boy with the hat and flannel shirt all over Twin Leaf Farms website? The answer to that question is... MAPLE BOY! Waylon A.K.A. Maple Boy is very important to the Twin Leaf Farms company because not only is he the mascot, but he is also the eighth generation of the Wilsey family living on the property (see the Wilsey family history on another tab of our website). Waylon is a three year old boy who has shown so much interest in everything to do with farm life since he was one. He knows the ins and outs of the property and the way to operate some of the equipment. It is always an adventure to see what the next thing Maple Boy will be taking part in! It is also fortifying and exhilarating to see life through the eyes of a child and we hope that seeing his videos will help make you feel like home and family.