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Twin Leaf Farms

Grey Maple Boy Shirt

Grey Maple Boy Shirt

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Let everyone know your serious about maple with this Maple Boy Tee in Grey!

As always Twin Leaf Farms is size inclusive

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maple syrup tap


We follow a pattern each year to ensure we are drilling in untapped tree space on every single tree. At the beginning of tapping season, we move the new tap over horizontally, four to five inches from the previous tap hole. We also move the new tap vertically, up and down about fourteen inches from the previous location. This practice allows the tree to grow non-conductive wood, but in a way that drastically reduces the chance of injuring the tree long term.

  • Production Practices

    All of our maple syrup is processed using firewood, harvested from our farm. These practices improve the health of our maple trees producing the sweetest maple flavor without the use of fossil fuels.  Dead, dying or diseased trees are removed, as well as large trees crowding the canopy of our maples. New trees are regularly planted to improve the health of the land and reduce the potential for forest fires.

  • Maple syrup is graded using an international standard adopted officially by the maple industry in 2014.  The four official grades of maple syrup are “Golden,” Amber,” “Dark”, and “Very Dark”. These grades are differentiated by color. The color corresponds directly to the intensity of the maple flavor. The darker the color, the stronger the maple flavor.