Our History

Our story begins in 1835. Stephen Wilsey purchased his first piece of property in Greenfield Center, NY where the original family farmhouse still stands today.  This small “Gentlemen’s” farm produced milk, eggs, and vegetables for Stephen’s family and many locals.  The legacy of the land shares a special place in the hearts and minds of the community of Greenfield Center.

Over the years, our property has grown to over 400 acres and includes an ever expanding “sugarbush of maple trees”.  This is the sweet source of our pure maple syrup along with an array of other maple products. 

Our business operates with the most efficient and sustainable practices. That keeps our trees healthy and the critters of the sugarbush thriving and happy.

Our History

Our origins to this land began in the early 1800s. The families’ farmhouse still stands today and is occupied by the seventh generation of Wilsey heritage.  


The original property was a small farm selling chickens and eggs as the owner of Twin Leaf Farms (and sixth generation of Wilsey) grew up. The land shares a special place in the families’ hearts and the maple farm that’s attached to the Wilsey farm land is now creating its own memories with Maple Boy telling the story.

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